5th Floor Ned-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Renovation, San Antonio, TX

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This project consisted of renovation of the main hospital building 5th floor existing space, that included an additional area increase for a total of 4,400 SF. The renovation program included 10 warmers (2 per the pinwheel design), 1 private patient room, 1 family room, and 1 formula preparation room. Coordination meetings were conducted in very close association with the user’s groups and UHS to assure the project followed the specific guidelines and requirements of the department needs, and to finalize the design and discuss the phasing while adjacent spaces remained functional.

Minimizing disruption to the on-going operations was a sensitive and very difficult task. Great attention was paid to not only the existing systems, which had to be modified and revised, but to the newborns extreme sensitivity to noise, light, and environmental conditions such as dust and odors.

Pre-construction activities included an extensive study of acoustic and light reflective finishes including a ceiling mock-up, which tested light fixtures and ceiling finishes ability to reflect sufficient light to the infants without shining the source directly onto the child. Utilization of mock-ups saved time and money.

Design features included glass modular walls, special indirect lighting. special use of acoustic plasters and flooring to maintain a quiet, warm, and calming setting. Evidence Based Design methods were incorporated to facilitate the best design solution for the user and the project was completed on time and on budget.




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$1.2 Million