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This project consisted of renovation of the main Hospital building fourth floor existing space, that included an additional area increase of 7,300 SF. The renovation area included a program for seven (7) OB beds, four (4) Gyn/EC exam rooms, one (1) triage room, staff support, and increased waiting areas.

Stakeholders and User Groups were very involved in the design of the space to allow for the greatest flexibility in use of exam and patient bed areas. Coordination meetings were conducted with user groups to finalize the design and discuss the phasing while adjacent spaces remained functional. The design included special acoustic panels and ceiling finishes to reduce noise transmission.

In order to minimize disruption to the on-going operations of this sensitive area, great care was taken to ensure the existing function of this space remained active during the redesign and remodel to expand and enhance the function of the space.

The application of Best Practices utilizing Evidence Based Design strategy was incorporated to plan for reduced acoustic and color stimulus, and which reflects the culture of a caring, patient-centered, and staff supportive healing environment.




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$1.9 Million