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The design goal of this project was to provide a positive therapeutic environment to promote outcome-based rehabilitation care and to return the patient to a full, pain free life with minimal to no physical limitations. Important to this design was to provide for an environment of care, which does not restrict the ability of staff and patient (and family) to achieve these goals. Therefore, involvement of Stakeholders and User Groups during the initial project phase was critical in design and review of plans to incorporate offices and therapy gym into a facility, which was comprised of two dissimilar structural systems. UHS played a big role in ameliorating this effort by relocating the outpatient services to the Medical Pavilion in order to enhance the Adult and Pediatric PT and OT programs

Since this project was located on the second floor of an existing building directly over a pediatric clinics and an outpatient pharmacy significant effort was given to minimize disruption to the on-going operations. We worked closely with all parties to make schedule adjustments and to mitigate any noise or other environmental issues.




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$1.8 Million