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Kenall was awarded a competitive small business set-aside contract to conduct a geotechnical forensic investigation of a levee that had recently undergone rehabilitation. The project included two segments of the Sunland Park levee structures: a 3.38-mile stretch levee segment CW2, and an 8.45-mile stretch levee segment CE2.

Our scope included geotechnical field investigations and engineering analysis necessary to provide the IBWC with a professional opinion on whether the newly constructed levee segments would perform satisfactorily during the 100-year flood event.

Under our comprehensive scope, we reviewed design and construction documents including plans and construction specifications, historical data, quality control daily reports, and daily construction reports; conducted site visits and documented current conditions; performed geophysical field investigations (electromagnetic surveys and ground penetrating radar); drilled and sampled soil borings; and performed geotechnical laboratory soils testing. Our geotechnical engineering analyses included a site geological evaluation; environmental soils analysis; slope stability analysis; total and differential settlement analysis; and general construction recommendations.




International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC)


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