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Kenall’s experienced Geotechnical Engineering experts assist clients by designing solutions that mitigate the risks inherent in all projects that rely on an accurate understanding of subsurface conditions. We know that unexpected subsurface site conditions are one of the most common causes of added project costs and delays in construction schedules. Kenall employs our proven approach to site review, investigation, data analysis, and engineering design, to each site, proposing the unique geotechnical engineering solutions that meet client objectives.

Kenall provides a complete array of geotechnical testing and engineering services, including subsurface investigation, laboratory and field testing, and geotechnical analyses and engineering design. Our services include:

  • Subsurface drilling and sampling suitable for conditions ranging from unconsolidated sediments to hard rock
  • Comprehensive field soil and hydrology characterization methods
  • Comprehensive soil and materials laboratory testing, following ASTM and other required standards
  • Engineering design analyses and services addressing:
    • Foundations, from shallow to deep, including pile and caisson requirements
    • Bridge Foundations
    • Protective Construction
    • Underpinning Analysis and Design
    • Cofferdams and Site Dewatering
    • Slurry Walls
    • Soil Stabilization and Slope Stability Analyses
    • Retaining Walls
    • Earthen Dams, Dikes, and Levees
    • Pavement Design and Engineering