A-E Services for repair of Building 6426, Hangar 3, for 11th Bomb Squadron at Barksdale AFB

Kenall is under a contract with USACE Fort Worth district to develop a Design-Build RFP (DB RFP) for repair of Building 6426, Hangar 3, for the 11th Bomb Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. The DB RFP’s objective was soliciting a Design-Build construction project that would result in a complete and usable facility, with all work conforming to the Unified Facilities Criteria and Air Force design criteria. The existing facility is a circa 1935 masonry, concrete, and steel aircraft hangar, which has undergone previous renovations. Approximately 28,000 square feet of interior space are present, of mixed wood and steel and concrete floor construction. Structural evaluation and code review are required for the wood structure to determine if it is usable, or must be replaced.

Our scope includes overall project management; performing planimetric and utility surveys; performing structural analysis; developing the draft/final/corrected final DB RFP submittals; preparing construction cost estimates; verifying Asbestos/Lead/HTRW surveys and abatements; providing value engineering study support; addressing renovations and preservation of historical features; preparing the storm drainage and stormwater pollution prevention plan; and responding to bidder inquires and RFIs.

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