A-E Services for Repair of Building B449 A3 for Secure Operations at Randolph AFB

Kenall is under a contract with USACE Fort Worth district to develop a full design package to renovate the third floor of A-Wing of Building 499 at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The project’s objective is to provide a 100% design package to renovate the entire third floor, approximately 17,573 square feet, that allows access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), and allows the ability to track, source, and analyze global Combatant Commander TOP SECRET. All new/existing walls, floors, roof, ceiling, doors, windows, skylights, utility openings, intrusion detection and communications equipment to comply with DODM 5200.0-Volume 3-Enclosure 3.

Our scope of work includes the overall project management; updating as-builts; preparing 65%, 95%, and 100% design submittals; developing construction cost estimates (MII); identifying the characteristics of all required existing utilities; and responding to bidder inquires and RFIs.

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