Center Creek Drive 42-Inch Relief Sewer

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Kenall was responsible for the design and coordination of all aspects of the Center Creek Drive 42-inch Relief Sewer project. The project was located in a creek bottom in an environmentally sensitive area, within the critical water quality zone. The project location mandated special considerations in project design and construction (i.e., installation 2-feet lower than the existing sewer, and encasement in concrete, with water-tight manhole covers and vent pipes).

We accomplished surveying, geotechnical investigation, stream bank stabilization, design of plan and profile of the new 42-inch sewer line, outfall rehabilitation plan and details, construction stormwater control plans, environmental mitigation details, permitting, traffic control plans, establishment of temporary construction access points and permanent maintenance access points, construction sequencing, preparation of construction plans and specifications, and bid-phase services.