Falgout Canal Road Levee Segment 1 Construction

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Kenall conducted construction monitoring and construction materials testing supporting the Falgout Canal Road Levee, a component of the Morganza to the Gulf project to reduce hurricane and storm surge damage risk. The area was significantly affected by tides emanating from Gulf of Mexico, and deterioration of coastal marshes as a result of saltwater intrusion, land subsidence, and the lack of recharge from the Mississippi River have steadily increased storm surge inundation over time. The project was part of 98-mile alignment consisting of grass-covered earthen levees, and included construction of approximately 2.585 miles of earthen levee using hauled-in borrow material and ancillary work.

Kenall performed construction monitoring including construction quality control testing, construction scheduling, construction engineering, and onsite construction supervision. We provided construction materials testing including laboratory testing of soil and fill material, field density testing of soil, field density test of asphalt, and off-site testing and inspection of borrow soil and fill material sources.




Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District