Fire Station #17 Construction

Jefferson Parish

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Kenall performed materials testing services supporting construction of a new three story Fire Station, consisting of a 2 bay 2,841 square-ft. apparatus room, a 1,396 square-ft. public space, a 1,889 square-ft. mezzanine space and a 4,145 square-ft. third floor living quarters. The building structure is a custom steel column/joist structure with facades designed to blend with the adjacent residential structures. The structure also includes a 3-story, 3-ft. diameter stainless steel closed flume slide.

We performed construction materials testing including pile installation monitoring, sampling of soil/fill/stabilized soils for moisture-density tests, in-place compaction testing of soils and asphalt, field inspection of concrete and testing, vibration monitoring during construction, floor flatness test, welding and bolt inspection, and non-destructive testing.




Jefferson Parish